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To All recipients of the masked email that appears to be coming from our email server, please be advised that after consulting with over 5 IT specialists we have found out the following;


1) Our email servers were not actually hacked.

2) Our email server did not send one single email that is in question.

3) If you received and email that appeared to be from us, it was in response to an email your server has sent to the perpetrators of this unfortunate incident.  That is why the perpetrators know your specific name and email address.

4) It also means that your computer or email server has been compromised prior to this incident.

5) Neither myself nor anyone employed by my firm has sent the foul emails in question.

6) The number of emails sent appear to be in excess of one million and have reached all 50 states and even foreign countries.

7) The email server IP address from the sender is somewhere in Russia.

8) We took our Web Site down in an effort to help stop any more mass emailing.

9) We take security very serious as we are tax professionals and as such house sensitive client information.  You can google articles ranging from IRS to other sources stating that tax professionals have become targets because of our credibility and the information we keep.


If you have received this email please Do Not click on any enclosed links or attachments
Please delete it